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As an Underwriters Laboratories listed central station company, Emergency 24 was designed as a mission-critical network that will never fail. Every conceivable point of failure is backed up to ensure ongoing operations. Further, with five central stations strategically positioned throughout the United States, including Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Detroit and Waukesha, WI, Emergency 24 will maintain operations even during a time of regional disaster. It is the most advanced network of its kind.

Emergency 24 monitors are specially trained to assist people during emergency situations in their homes or businesses. There are no “rules” about how much time we spend on the phone with a subscriber in need. Our only concern is that we dispatch responders as quickly as possible and that the subscriber is comforted until help arrives.

Having your system monitored by ALLCOMM Systems, Inc. is essential to:

  • Protect you, your family, your property or your business from unlawful entry
  • Ensure prompt response to reduce the extent of damage caused by a fire
  • Provide notification to appropriate personnel in the event of an environmental or medical emergency

We offer a wide variety of monitoring services. Our staff is ready to discuss your needs and provide recommendations that will provide you the security and protection you need. We pride ourselves on offering the finest 24 hour monitoring services in the Chicagoland area including:

  • Prompt notification of an alarm event to the appropriate responding authority.
  • Our seasoned staff operators who can provide technical assistance.
  • Tools to enable customers to use a touchtone phone to automatically place systems into and out of test status remotely.

Emergency 24 was the first company to computerize the monitoring system, which previously relied on Rolodexes and manually cross-referencing charts for dispatching. With proprietary dispatching software written by our in-house programmers, Emergency 24 remains ahead of the industry’s technological curve.

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